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The CSU San Marcos Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology is designed to prepare graduates to succeed and excel in a variety of entry-level positions in the biotechnology/life sciences industry. San Diego County has one of the largest biotechnology/life sciences industry clusters in the world, and there is significant workforce demand for scientists and technicians in this local industry. The Biotechnology curriculum integrates both science coursework and business coursework to provide students with the flexibility to pursue positions either in the laboratory or in the management/marketing operations of the biotechnology industry. The Biotechnology Program’s Student Learning Outcomes describe the specific knowledge and skills that students will acquire during the course of their studies:

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology will be able to:

  1. Apply fundamental knowledge of biology, biological processes, and the scientific method to solve problems in biotechnology.
  2. Integrate biological knowledge and concepts with the legal, ethical, and business perspectives of the biotechnology/life sciences industry.
  3. Work in groups or individually to develop written and oral presentations that effectively communicate scientific concepts and opinions using language appropriate to the discipline.
  4. Apply major quantitative and computational skills and tools to solve problems in the biotechnology/life sciences industry.