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About Us

Program Administration

Bianca Mothé, Ph.D., Program Director                                      James Jancovich, Ph.D., Program Co-Director
Professor,  Department of Biology                                              Associate Professor,  Department of Biology
Email:                                                           Email:

Madilyn Areskog, Program Coordinator                                            

Please reach out to Madilyn Areskog for any questions regarding the internship program.                                                            

Where is the research done?

The host labs are located on campus at CSUSM and in La Jolla at Sanford Burnham Prebys Discovery Research Institute, and La Jolla Institute for Immunology. Please use the following links to learn about research in each lab.

Dr. Bianca MothéDr. James Jancovich | Dr. Julie Jameson | Dr. Carlos Luna Lopez | Dr. Jane Kim | Dr. Evan Snyder | Dr. Sujan Shresta | Dr. Mitchell Kronenberg

In addition, the community engagement activities will conducted in various locations throughout San Diego. These include: