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About Us

Program Administration

Bianca Mothé, Ph.D., Program Director

Professor,  Department of Biology

Madilyn Areskog, Program Coordinator


Courtney Dow, Business Coordinator


Community College Partners

Faculty Advisors

Where is the research done?

The host labs are in various locations throughout the San Diego region, including, but not limited to:


    • Salk Institute for Biological Sciences
    • Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
    • Scripps Research Institute
    • University of California San Diego

Industry Partners

  • ThermoFisher Scientific
  • Defined Biosciences
  • Allele Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Intern Testimonials

Before the internship I worked as a waitress while taking classes to complete my Associate’s degree. The internship helped me realize that I could have an exciting and rewarding career in science. I applied for the internship because my chemistry professor encouraged me to do so. The internship helped me get my foot in the door and I have stayed in the field ever since. I am now a PhD candidate at Oregon Health and Science University. I am still close with my mentor and lab colleagues and I have made great connections and built strong relationships with people who continue to inspire and motivate me.

- K. N.
Year 2017-2018

Prior to the internship I was preparing to enter my last year in undergrad with no real plan for after graduation, except hopes to find a job. I applied for the internship after learning about the opportunities it provides, including a year of credits, networking opportunities, presentations and, most importantly, paid hands-on experience. I believe the internship made me stand out as a new grad looking for a job in biotech. I made so many great connections and was even offered a job to stay in the lab. However, I decided to take a different position as a Scientist 1 at ThermoFisher Scientific.

- B. S.
Year 2018-2019

Before the internship I was working as a volunteer in a lab in my free time. The internship gave me the opportunity to network with scientists, learn new skills, and taught me how to run and present my own projects. Following the internship, I worked at ThermoFisher as a lab technician, and it jump-started my career. I am now a technical sales specialist in gene synthesis at Azenta Life Sciences. The internship led me to where I want to be. In addition, during the internship I made many amazing and supportive friends within both my cohort and the previous cohort.

- S.M.
Year 2019-2020


Before the internship I was a junior at a Junior College working toward my BS degree. There I had a class wherein I had to think about how untreatable diseases may be treated “magically” via stem cell therapies. During the internship I was exposed to various aspects of stem cell research and the hands-on experience completely changed my understanding of theoretical concepts in my senior year. We were also introduced to leading scientists from California, the USA and the world, via scientific conferences. Today, I continue to work in the lab where I completed my internship.

- J.O.
Year 2021-2022