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General Requirements for Communication Major

All courses counted toward the major, including Preparation for the Major courses, must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better.

General Education Worksheet

Major Requirements

Communication Major Worksheet/Option Checklist

Special Conditions for the Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Students must take a sufficient number of elective units to bring the total number of units to a minimum of 120 units.

Major Requirements 
Major Requirements Units
General Education 51
Preparation for the Major 9
Major Requirements (A minimum of eighteen (18) units must be earned at CSUSM) 39
  • Communication majors must complete nine (9) upper-division units selected from at least two of the social sciences, including (but not limited to) Economics, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology
  • Eighteen (18) additional upperdivision units in at least two of the three areas of communication (Communication Culture and Social Context, Mass Communication, Communication Theory and Methods). MDIA courses may be used to fulfill the Mass Communication area units.
  • No more than six (6) hours of independent study and/or internship may be applied toward the major. Independent study may be applied to field distribution requirements at the discretion of the instructor under whose supervision the student is doing the study.