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Critical Intercultural Communication Minor

Program Offered:

The cultural diversity both within and outside of the United States and its implications, the global interdependencies of nations and media systems, and potentialities for conflict demand individuals who can communicate effectively across cultural and national boundaries. The Minor in Critical Intercultural Communication emphasizes the dialectical relationships among communication, culture, context, and power. Students will take courses emphasizing theories of cultural and intercultural communication, methodologies appropriate to the study of communicative styles within, between, and among cultural groups and their effect on relations among groups, intercultural conflict negotiation, and the role that intercultural communication plays in the development of public policy, in mediated systems, and in social and political discourse.   

Faculty in the Minor:

  • Michelle A. Holling, Ph.D.
  • Dreama G. Moon, Ph.D. 
  • Gloria Pindi, Ph.D. 

Restrictions in the Minor:

Students with majors of Communication, Mass Media, and Social Sciences with the primary field of Communication may apply only COMM 330 and one other upper-division course (3 units) to both the Minor and the Major. All courses applied to the minor must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better. Up to six units of credits in COMM 495 and COMM 499A, B, C may be applied toward the minor.

Communication Major/Minor Course Descriptions:

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Communication Course Descriptions

Course Requirements

Lower Division (3)
Courses Units
COMM 100 3
Total Units 3
Upper Division Core (6)
Courses Units
COMM 320 3
COMM 330 3
Total Units 6
Communication Electives (12)
Courses Units
COMM 310 3
COMM 410 3
COMM 425 3
COMM 430 3
COMM 450 3
COMM 453 3
COMM 454 3
COMM 460 3
COMM 485 3
COMM 499A, B, C 1-3
Total Units 12