Department Mission

The Communication Department recognizes the transformative power of communication and its utility for re-making how we think about and act in personal, organizational, cultural, social, and political life. Our scholarly and creative community embraces diverse theoretical perspectives, innovative pedagogy, and creative practices that build critical and analytical abilities, collaborative and dialogic relationships and communities, and that challenge structures of inequity. We guide students to become culturally aware, astute, civic minded individuals poised for success in their endeavors as community members, citizens and leaders in their chosen professions.

Communication Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree program provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of the nature of communication, its varied forms and uses, and its multiple social, cultural, and cognitive effects.

Mass Media Degree

The new Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media provides students with theoretical and practical frameworks for understanding media development, production, distribution, and its multiple social, political, cultural, and cognitive effects domestically and globally.


Congrats Are in Order!

Congrats to GEO 102 Faculty Member, Terri Metzger, for Winning the President's Outstanding Faculty Award for Outstanding Lecturer!

Terri Metzger

Terri Metzger, a lecturer in the Communication Department, is well-known for her exemplary dedication to student success in her teaching and service to the campus community. Students value how Professor Metzger provides active learning opportunities to build their knowledge, skills and confidence. Colleagues praise her collaborative and inclusive approach as the Oral Communication course coordinator and credit her contributions to enhancing campus support for lecturers.

GEO Persuasive Forum On Plastic Bag Ban Heats Up

How has the ban on single-use plastic grocery bags affected Californians?  On Tuesday, December 2, students at CSUSM had a chance to learn opposing viewpoints on this matter.  This year, Caroline Sawyer, Terri Metzger and GEO 102 faculty in the Department of Communication, hosted a Persuasive Forum in which GEO 102 students had the opportunity to showcase their persuasive speaking skills. Annika Rubinska & Denisse Mendez and Anna Enmark & Stephen Rawling discussed the topic of the ban on single-use plastic grocery bags.  The Forum took place on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 during U-hour in ARTS 240. Audience members had the opportunity to take part by voting for the most persuasive side. 

See the Forum Video Here! 

Students From the Communication Society Participate in the CSUSM Major/Minor Fair