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Communication Department

Communication Department

Welcome to the Communication and Media Studies Department.  We are one of the largest departments in the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences (CHABSS). We offer two majors and two minors.

The mission of the Communication Department is that we recognize the transformative power of communication and media and their role in how we think about and act in personal, organizational, cultural, social, and political life. Our scholarly and creative community embraces diverse theoretical perspectives, innovative pedagogy, and creative practices.   We support students’ development of critical and analytical abilities, proficiency with multiple levels of analysis of media, engagement with collaborative and dialogic relationships and connections with communities. We guide students to become culturally aware, astute, civic minded individuals able to understand and act upon structures of inequity, poised for success in their endeavors as community members, citizens and leaders in their chosen careers.

COMM Leadership Directory
Department Chair:  Dr. Brian Dolber
GEO Director:  Dr. Staci Beavers
GEO Coordinator:  Prof. Terri Metzger

For questions/concerns regarding COMM or MDIA programs or courses, contact Dr. Brian Dolber, COMM Department Chair

For questions/concerns regarding GEO 102 (General Education—Oral Communication), contact Prof. Terri Metzger, GEO Coordinator

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