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COMM/MDIA 495 Internships

Steps to secure an internship

  1. Identify an Internship Opportunity:
  2. Consult with your Internship Faculty
    • Learning objectives and appropriateness of an internship is dependent on your major.
    • To get the most out of an internship, it is wise to consider your career goals.

  3. Apply for the Internship
    1. Follow the instructions detailed in the internship opportunity, either on the database, or from the community partner directly.
    2. Requirements could entail written applications, resumes, interviews, etc. 

  4. Request an Add Code
    1. Once the internship is secured, submit the required paperwork to the Office of Internships, then submit a request for permission code.  Permission codes will NOT be distributed prior to completing the online form hyperlinked above. Contact Dr. Matsumoto at with any questions.
    2. Students majoring in Communication should register for COMM 495 whereas students majoring in Media Studies should register for MDIA 495. 
  5. Complete the Placement

    • Log onto the Office of Internship (OI) database, select your site to record your internship with the OI.
    • The placement is complete once all the forms within the database are submitted.

COMM 495 and MDIA 495 Overview

COMM 495 and MDIA 495 provide students the means to obtain academic credit for the internship they pursue. Program student learning outcomes (PSLO's) associated with COMM 495 and MDIA 495 are as follows:

  • PSLO #2: Argue convincingly and respond constructively to positions regarding the problems, applicable standards, and communication practices, enabling improved functioning of communication processes and systems. 
  • PSLO #5 Make cooperative, civil, appropriate, and timely contributions in talk, writing, and mediated discourse, to advance the direction and purpose of the communication event.

Attend FOUR In-Class Group Meetings

  • Meetings provide an opportunity to network and share experience with other interns.
  • After each group meeting, interns are required to submit a post-meeting reflection online.

Complete Readings and Corresponding Online Discussions

  • Readings provide an opportunity to explore topics such as Professional Communication, Mindfulness, Conflict Resolution, Diversity, Netiquette, and Networking.
  • Discussions encourage interns to use their experiences to connect to the readings and their peers. 

Keep a Time Log

  • A minimum of 120 hours are required at your internship site.
  • Interns submit a signed time sheet or letter verifying the completion of their hours with the final portfolio.

Create a Digital Presentation and Portfolio

  • Utilizing Mediasite, record a 3-4 minute visual presentation highlighting the internship experience.
  • Upload site and supervisor evaluations, signed time sheet or verification letter as well as the reflective essay summarizing the overall internship experience.