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Using Your School Email

IITS/Email Support

Students must be registered before obtaining a campus email account. All registered CSUSM students receive an email address. A student username is composed of the first 5 letters of your last name, followed by three auto-generated digits, then ""  If your last name has less than 5 letters, then your entire last name will be used, followed by three auto-generated digits. 

Examples of usernames include:,, and

Check your Webmail

IITS Student Help Desk Information

The Student Technology Help Desk can help with: Email at CSUSM, Cougar Course Help, Computer Hardware Recommendations, Computer Purchase Information, Apple Product Purchase Information, Computer Competency Requirement (CCR), and the Student Laptop Checkout Program, among other assistance.

Contact us: 760.750.6505 or email us at

Student Help Desk

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