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Fieldwork-Senior Experience

Building a Community of Support with Senior Experience

The DLH Foundation, established in loving memory of Deana LaRae Hamilton Hughes, is focused on creating a community to help those effected by Gastro-esophageal cancer. This supportive foundation provides scholarships for students whose lives have been effected by this cancer. The DLH informational website includes treatment options, nutritional tips, clinical trial reports and inspiration to promote community awareness.

In the words of Denise Ross, the Director of Marketing & Communications for the DLH Foundation and a wonderful mentor for our student interns, “The motto of the DLH Foundation is: ‘Creating a Community for a Cure for Gastro-Esophageal Cancers’ and each of the senior experience students shared their talents and time in a very positive way.”

The DLH Foundation has sponsored the following two College of Business Administration & Human Development Collaborative Senior Experiences in Fall, 2015 and Spring, 2016:

  1. The DLH Foundation requested an informational video to be created that would raise awareness and bring people to their website. The team conducted interviews with the founders and family members of the DLH Foundation. The team scripted, filmed, and produced a three minute video about the DLH Foundation and their passion for what they do (Fall, 2015). Team members: Italivi Garcia (HD); Daisy Barragan (HD); Shivani Nagin (CoBA); Stephanie Collins (CoBA); and Sarah Beard (CoBA).
  2. The Escondido-based DLH Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on providing awareness of gastro-esophageal cancer, as well as providing the Deana’s Wish Memorial Scholarship for students that have been affected nationally. The team delivered a plan to increase the DLH Foundation’s community presence, support and promote their annual "A Pour Towards a Cure" fundraising event, and created a plan for future expansion and overall success (Spring, 2016). Team members: Jesus Adame (CoBA); Dulce Garcia (CoBA); Victoria Kendall (HD); Erica May (HD); and Juliette Thayer (CoBA).

CSUSM Sr. Experience students with DLH Foundation Staff

PHOTO:  CSUSM Senior Experience Students with DLH Foundation staff