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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Phone: 760-750-4850

All persons seeking Financial Aid must submit a FAFSA, Renewal FAFSA or FAFSA on the Web, between January 1 and March 2 for the following academic year to receive priority consideration for funds. Applications are accepted after March 2; however, funding options may be limited. Applications are available in the CSUSM Financial Aid and Scholarship Office and other colleges or local high schools.  Be aware that in order to apply for any type of financial aid, all males between the ages of 18 and 26 are required to register with the selective service. CSUSM's Title IV School Code is 030113.

Military and Veterans Services

Phone: 760-750-4827

Information and services for veterans are available in Administrative Building 5115. Assistance is provided to military veterans and their dependents in obtaining VA educational benefits for which they are eligible. Services available include certification and assistance with procedures. The Veterans Affairs Specialist serves as a liaison between veteran students and the Department of Veterans Affairs, assisting students with the appropriate forms for educational benefits, as well as information about their benefits or educational experience at Cal State San Marcos.

Kellogg Library

Phone: 760-750-4348

The Library is committed to providing a learning environment which supports the information needs of the CSUSM community. Our services, collections, teaching and community outreach honor and reflect diverse perspectives, learning styles and ways of knowing. With the help of innovative technologies, our staff aggressively select, acquire, provide access and deliver resources and instruction that support the lifelong learning needs of our students and community. The Library upholds and practices the principles of the CSUSM Mission Statement and the Library Bill of Rights, endorsed by the American Library Association.

Disabled Student Services

Phone: 760-750-4905
Phone: 760-750-4909 (TTY)

The availability of support services for students with disabilities is dependent upon the needs of students, as well as available funding and resources. It is entirely up to the student whether or not to access services. However, no student shall receive support services without proper verification of their disabling condition. DSS will determine which support services a student is eligible for based on all available documentation and information on the student¿s disability. In addition, it is important for students to understand that the accommodations authorized by Disabled Student Services apply only to CSU, San Marcos.

DSS offers a variety of support services to students with documented disabilities. Students are encouraged to contact Disabled Student Services regarding the availability of specially adapted equipment, campus orientations, supplemental academic advising, functional assessment, priority registration, testing accommodations, registration assistance and tutoring referral.

University Student Union

Phone: 760-750-7450

Built on a foundation of community, the University Student Union is the heartbeat of the CSUSM student experience, committed to diversity, innovation and learning.  The University Student Union houses many food options which can be found on the fourth floor of the building.  Seating areas include views of the CSUSM campus as well as look out on the city of San Marcos. The activity center provides fun activities for you to participste in both inside the USU and out in the community.  The center features tsble games, console gaming and discount ticket sales.  The space also offeres board games, television screens and lounge areas.

The USU also houses the offices of: Dean of Students, Student Life and Leadership and Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)Pride Center, Gender Equity Center, Latin@ Center and the Cross Cultural Center are also located in the USU.

Student Health and Counseling Services

Phone: 760-750-4915
Phone: 760-750-4924 (TTY)

Student Health & Counseling Services (SHCS) is committed to recognizing the health needs of CSUSM's diverse student population and promoting the social, emotional, and physical well being of students so that they may achieve their academic goals.  SHCS embraces a holistic and collaborative approach to healthcare by offering primary care, preventive services, wellness education, and mental health services to the CSUSM community.  SHCS offers quality healthcare provide by a multidisciplinary team of medical and mental health professionals and support staff who are trained to assist student with their health and wellness related needs.

Career Center

Phone: 760-750-4900

The role of the Career Center is to act as an education agency rather than an employment/placement agency.  They help students in determining career goals to launch their careers.  The CSUSM Career Center is committed to offering students and alumni opportunities to find meaningful and enjoyable employment. They offer a variety of services to help students throughout their educational journey and as they transition into the world of work. In addition to full time career positions, they can assist students in their search for part time or internship positions to compliment their educational experience. Whether students need help with choosing a major/career, writing a resume, learning job search skills, negotiating salary, or finding employment, they are here to help.