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Fieldwork Testimonials

My field experience taught me more than I have ever learned from a career book. Through my internship with the City of Temecula‚Äôs Community Services Department (CSD), I gained hands-on skills and knowledge about human services, plus I developed a passion for serving the community. Although I already had previous intentions of getting into Pediatric Occupational therapy, I learned that I also love working with the aging population. At CSD I assisted with the front desk, senior lecturers, and the S.I.T Program, plus I served as a Project Assistant for the Senior Master Plan, organizing and analyzing the master plan in collaboration with the Community Services Department. Being part of this project gave me insight on the challenges that the aging population face and how to develop methods for improving services.  My training taught me to look for gaps in services and take action where needed. For example, I noticed that the Mary Phillips Senior Center (MPSC) did not have an occupational therapist so I added one to the strategic plans. I am grateful to the Human Development Department for making internships an integral part of the learning. This was a rich experience!

Vivianne Villanueva
HD  Major

Villanueva, V.