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Career Information

Career Library

The Human Development Career Library is a comprehensive list of various career possibilities for Human Development majors. Each listing includes: job description, typical tasks, specialties and similar occupations, education levels required, national employment and outlook, and national earnings for that type of career. Download the Human Development Career Library

Careers in Counseling

If you are considering graduate school, it is important for you to become familiar with the required courses and internship hours that you will need early in your academic career so you can choose accordingly. CSUSM now offers a Masters in Social Work.

You will also want to plan a strategy for gaining experience as some prefer that you have 500+ hours volunteer or paid experience. You may want to start by visiting the California Board of Behavioral Sciences website to get familiar with the types of licenses (i.e. MFT, MSW, LPCC) and peruse the list of accredited and approved programs. Check out nonprofit positions in San Diego County

Careers in Healthcare

CSUSM is very good at responding to the needs of the region.  The CSUSM Nursing Programs are a terrific example of this commitment and response to the community.  The Nursing Program offers information sessions where you can learn more about the different types of education and career options.  We are excited that CSUSM now offers a Masters in Public Health!

If you are interested in other healthcare related careers, you might look into the CSUSM Healthcare Information Technology program or one of the certificate programs offered through Extended Learning.

Careers in Education

CSUSM is known for its excellent teacher education programs.  Many HD students seek careers in education, including education specialist and speech-language pathology.

For a comprehensive guide to becoming a teacher, see these teaching resources from the CSUSM Career Center.