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R. Beaulieu
Rodney Beaulieu
Rodney is from Acadian Mi’kmaq heritage from Canada and the U.S.  His undergraduate training is in Human Services and Psychology, and his Ph.D. is in Educational Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  His professional history includes serving at the Veterans Health Administration, developing health information technology at McGraw-Hill, and university teaching.  Rodney helped to develop educational programs in Canada, the United States, Mexico, China and Saudi Arabia.  He was awarded “Best Dissertation” from the Amercian Sociological Association, raised funds for educational programs and the Food Bank, and volunteered for several nonprofit organizations.  His research interests are action oriented, focusing on ways to improve personal development, organizations and communities.
R. Hernandez
Rafael Hernández
Assistant Professor

Rafael Hernández holds a B.A. in Psychology from San Diego State University and a Ph.D. in Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology from the University of California Santa Barbara. He completed an APA-accredited psychology internship at the University of Miami Counseling Center and joined the Human Development Department at CSUSM in 2014. His research interests include institutional and interpersonal racism experienced as microaggressions, Chicanx/Latinx mental health, ethnic identity, and college persistence.

F. Soriano
Fernando Soriano
Dr. Fernando I. Soriano is an expert in youth violence, delinquency and substance use and prevention program development, particularly as it relates to multicultural youth.  Much of his current research focuses on the role of culture in behavior and cognition as it relates to social problem behaviors.  He has also conducted research related to the prevalence, risk and protective factors associated with intimate partner violence among Latina populations.  Dr. Soriano is a book author and expert in conducting community needs assessments.  He is the founder of the National Latino Research Center (NLRC).  His researcher training efforts, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), also led to the establishment of the National Latino Science Network (NHSN).  His current research focuses on the development of a surfing training program and a culinary skills training and program—both prevention programs focus on engaging and training adolescent youth who are at-risk for violence, delinquency and poor academic achievement.  He currently teaches the Fieldwork in Human Development (HD495) and the Youth Violence: A Cultural and Interdisciplinary Understanding (HD381).
N. Toyokawa
Noriko Toyokawa
Assistant Professor
Dr. Toyokawa’s teaching, research, and community services focus on the family relationships and health across adulthood. She is inquiring older adults’ psychological processes of acceptance of being care recipients and the function of collectivistic values of ‘familism’ for family resilience. Dr. Toyokawa conducts interdisciplinary research by employing a variety of research methods to chapter ‘changes’ of individuals and societies and serves to conduct non-clinical community intervention services. She enjoys working with students who are interested in contributing to healthy development of individuals, families, and communities in diverse community contexts. She obtained her Ph.D. in Human Development & Family Studies from Oregon State University
D. Betro
Dominick Betro

Dom lectures on Management and Careers in Human Service Agencies. He is the CEO of Family Service Association which employs 450 F.T.E. employees annually rendering over 3 million hours of service to 75,000 individuals with the help of over 500 volunteers. Services include Counseling, Child Care, Community Development, Community/Youth Centers, Senior and Nutrition services, affordable Housing and various social ventures.  Dom was elected to public office as Ward One Councilman for the City of Riverside from 2004-2008. He has a B.S. Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Social Work, both from Fordham University in New York.
J Coker

Jason Coker

Jason has worked to serve impoverished rural and urban communities in Utah, Ohio, and California since 1995, including 4 years as a communications and fundraising specialist at North San Diego County’s largest social services agency. He teaches leadership, management, and fundraising practices in Administration in Human Service Settings (HD300). Additionally, Jason is an ordained minister who earned his M.A. in Global Leadership studies at Fuller Theological Seminary and serves as the pastor at First Christian Church of Oceanside, an historic congregation founded in 1875 that is dedicated to serving the needs of homeless and working poor neighbors in and around the downtown area.
K. Fuller
Kathy Fuller
Lecturer, Internship Coordinator
Dr. Fuller hails from a small town in Colorado (24 people). She received her BA in Elementary Education and Special Education with a Music Minor from the University of Northern Colorado. Dr. Fuller received her MA in Elementary Education with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education and a PhD in Psychological Studies of Education from UCLA. She enjoys researching teacher training, internship experiences, learning strategies and alternative therapies for individuals with disabilities.
M. Guilarte
Miguel Guilarte

Dr. Guilarte has a diverse background that includes degrees in sociology, theology, philosophy, and engineering. His intellectual interests focus on adult development, especially around areas of transition and transformation. Initiation rites, rites of passage, and other life transitions are central to his work. In addition, he also works in the field of trauma, especially when this can be a catalyst for personal growth in connection with Post Traumatic Growth theories. These area often entail exploration of cognitive schemas, existential exploration, and spiritual growth. He is also much involved in exploring styles of thinking and furthering critical and creative thinking. He works in areas connected with creativity and innovation both by individuals and in systems. Dr. Guilarte is also much involved with furthering good thinking and good research by developing both quantitative and qualitative research methods, including narrative analysis, phenomenology, and grounded theory.
T. Hall
Tracy Hall
Since 2001 Dr. Tracy Hall has taught in the field of Human Development and Psychology at California State University San Marcos and at several local community colleges. She has a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Change and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. She is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFT) and was in private practice for many years. Her areas of research interest include: addiction as a learning disorder; health promotion and disease prevention; and the impact of nutrition on mental illness. She is the Co-Faculty Advisor for the HD Club and the Faculty Liaison for the HD Alumni Chapter. Dr. Hall received the CSUSM Outstanding Service Learning Faculty Award in 2010. When she is not teaching you can find her in her kitchen whipping up a tasty treat, walking barefoot on the beach or giggling endlessly with her 5 year old daughter. Dr. Hall lives in San Diego with her husband, daughter and puppy, and is on some days a vegan.
L. Jacobson-Harris
Leyenda Jacobson-Harris
Leyenda Jacobson-Harris is a CSUSM alumn; she graduated with her BA in Sociology in 2008 and her MA in Sociological Practice in 2010. She has taught at MiraCosta College and also currently serves as an instructor for the CSU Long Beach Sociology Department. Leyenda lives with her husband and pug in Oceanside, California.
R. Neuhart
Russel Neuhart
Dr. Russ Neuhart has worked in the Field of Human Services and Education for over 35 years working for Non-profit Agencies, Government Social Services, and Faith Based Communities.  His professional experience includes direct services as a Therapist, Counselor/Case Manager, Program Manager and in Educational Administration.  He received a BA in Psychology and an MA in Religious Education from the University of San Diego.  He received his MA in Psychology and his Doctorate in Applied Psychology from United States International University-Alliant.  His clinical experience encompasses victims of crime, abuse, & trauma; Individual, Couple & Family therapy; and Disability Counseling & Service Delivery.  His research interests are evidence based treatment models & methods for Family Systems Intervention, Step- or "Blended" families, and the impact of Belief Systems on Mental Health.  In addition to teaching in Human Development, Dr. Neuhart has lectured for the School of Education and the Speech-Language Pathology Department at CSUSM.