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One-on-one virtual tutoring and asynchronous feedback via chat is available through NetTutor, a third-party service vendor available to all CSUSM enrolled students. Virtual tutoring is available all semester, including weekends and evening hours. A detailed schedule of our tutoring hours can be found on the LTS website (

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Hours: Vary per subject

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) study sessions are offered weekly for this course. SI is an academic support program that provides peer-led study sessions to assist students in traditionally difficult courses. These study sessions are led by a student who has successfully completed this course and has been trained to facilitate group study sessions where students improve their understanding of course material, review and discuss important concepts, and develop effective study strategies to prepare for exams. Students who attend SI sessions weekly typically earn a higher final course grade than students who do not attend SI. SI is for everyone and open to all students enrolled in this class; attend early and often to ensure you never fall behind! SI study sessions begin during the 3rd week of the semester and are now being held in-person or virtually through Microsoft Teams.

For more information about the schedule and delivery of SI study sessions, please talk to your SI Leader, or visit the SI website. 

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Hours: Vary per subject
SI Coordinator: Alex Picasso,

STEM Success Center

The STEM Success Center offers free walk-in tutoring for lower-division math and science courses which include Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science! We offer in-person tutoring in the Extended Learning Building, 2nd Floor, Northside (ELB 250). Our hours of operation will be Monday-Thursday 10:00AM-5:00PM and 10:00AM-3:00PM on Friday. 

We will also be hosting exam review sessions, embedded tutoring, and content workshops for select classes throughout the semester. Tutoring will begin the second week of instruction and will proceed through finals week. Feel free to use the center as a study space and a community building space! Our helpful student staff will already be there to greet you and answer your questions. Our goal is to create independent learners and confident problem solvers by showing you how to use your resources to come to a solution on your own. Build your study habits and become a better student with Learning & Tutoring Services. Hope to see you there! Follow us on Instagram: @csusm_stemsuccesscenter

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Location:  ELB 2nd Floor, North (ELB 250)
Hours: Mon-Thurs, 10am – 5pm; Fri, 10am – 3pm
Interim Associate Director for STEM Support: Paulina Coronado,

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers welcoming digital and face-to-face learning environments where certified student consultants offer constructive guidance at any stage of the writing process--idea generation, argument development, sentence-polishing, and more. They start with the prompt and ask guiding questions as students work to develop compelling work. Chat, voice, and video sessions are available on Microsoft Teams by appointment; Quick Help is available on Teams on a drop-in basis; asynchronous feedback is available by request; and in-person tutoring is available by appointment. Additional services include Academic English support, ongoing support, webinars, and various online resources. Follow them on Instagram @wccsusm.

Questions? Email
Location: ELB 2nd floor, 273
Hours: See our website for updated hours
Associate Director for Writing Support: Allison Reyes,