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Students can meet with a tutor for any of our supported courses during our the STEM SC's open hours unless otherwise listed. They can also find writing support for all courses at The Writing Center.

Courses with an asterisk (*) are not supported in STEM SC but have other forms of support such as Supplemental Instruction (SI), The Writing Center, or NetTutor.

Supported Courses

MATH 132
BUS 202*
BUS 203*

MATH 132 - Survey of Calculus

BUS 202 - Introduction to Business Law

Students for this course can find support on NetTutor, a 3rd party program that CSUSM has purchased for its students. Students can sign up for an account at any time with the CSUSM email. Learn more at on NetTutor informational page

  • NetTutor Hours
    • Sunday: 2:00 PM — 8:59 PM (PT)
    • Monday: 2:00 PM — 8:59 PM (PT)
    • Thursday: 2:00 PM — 8:59 PM (PT)

BUS 203 - Business Writing

The Writing Center can support students at any stage of their assignment, whether they are trying to understand the prompt or attempting to edit their own work.