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If you are interested in applying to work with LTS but our application periods are closed, please share your interest for applying. We will reach out to you during the next hiring period!

Peer Educator Positions

  • Supplemental Instruction Leader
    • Application Range: 4/8/24 - 4/26/24
    • Pay Range: $17.01
    • Start Date: 8/15/2024
    • Job Summary: Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders are peer facilitators who provide weekly study sessions for historically difficult courses with high DFW rates. These study sessions focus on helping students become independent learners through engaging and interactive group activities that help students focus not only on what to learn but how to learn. Students who are SI Leaders will benefit from strengthening their verbal and written communication skills, increasing cultural awareness and appreciation of diversity, gaining the opportunity to present at regional and national conferences, and developing close mentor relationships with faculty and staff.
    • Duties: 
      • Attend all class meetings of the selected course, take notes, and read all assigned materials
      • Prepare and conduct two 75-minute study sessions per week throughout the semester using strategies learned through SI Leader training
      • Regularly meet with the SI Coordinator or SI Mentors to discuss SI session planning, observations of the sessions, and any potential concerns
      • Maintain contact throughout the term with the course faculty member
      • Attend SI Leader training before the beginning of each semester on Thursday 1/11 & Friday 1/12 and ongoing training throughout the semester
      • Promote SI consistently both in class and through online announcements to your students
      • Assist with the promotion and collection of student and faculty feedback through surveys

    Application Process:

    1. Submit a Unit 11 form (Please Cc: &
    2. Submit SI Leader Application
  • STEM Tutor
    • Application Range: 4/8/24 - 4/26/24
    • Pay Range: $17.01 -  $18.01
    • Start Date: 8/15/2024
    • Job Summary: Provides academic instructional support for CSTEM courses at CSUSM. Academic support should primarily consist of in person tutoring, but may also include online support, workshops, embedded tutoring, and resource development.
    • Duties:
      • Provide academic tutoring in select courses and on related subjects/topics
      • Motivate students to become more independent learners and better problem solvers
      • Help to show students how to use their resources to solve problems
      • Develop content-specific strategies/materials for tutoring and sharing them with supervisor and other tutors.
      • Assistance with marketing & presenting to students/faculty about STEM SC and other LTS resources
      • Participate in beginning of the semester and ongoing training as required by supervisor

    Application Process:

      1. Submit Unit 11 form
      2. Submit Tutor Application*

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  • Writing Tutor
    • Application Range: 4/8/24 - 5/3/24 (Deadline extended!)
    • Pay Range: $17.01 -  $18.01
    • Start Date: 8/15/2024
    • Job Summary: Provides writing support for all courses at CSUSM. Academic support should primarily consist of in person tutoring, but may also include online support, workshops, embedded tutoring, and resource development.
    • Duties: 
      • Offers assistance to students in all subjects with all kinds of writing assignments.
      • Presents about the Writing Center to incoming GEW classes (
      • Facilitates writers' clinics and workshops
      • Takes on passion projects that aid in the instruction of students
      • Reads, views, and discusses documents and videos that increase knowledge of subject matter and tutoring methodology
      • Completes online training and occasional in-person training

    Application Process:

    1. Submit a Unit 11 form
    2. Submit a Supplemental Questionnaire
    3. Submit an academic writing sample* to

    *6 pages or more of academic writing is preferred

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  • Student Assistant
    • Application Range: 11/13-12/1
    • Pay Range: $
    • Start Date: 1/15/24
    • Job Summary: Performs receptionist duties and assists with daily operations of center training and scheduling.
    • Duties: 
      • Greets students, faculty and staff  
      • Helps keep a clean and well-stocked center 
      • Answers phones, checks out materials, and maintains inventory 
      • Responsible for basic administrative needs – filing, labels, binders, etc. 
      • Keeps supply cabinet organized and notify the supervisor when supplies are low  
      • Assists with creation of student work schedules  
      • Communicates important updates and announcements with desk assistants and tutors via email 
      • Refers students, faculty and staff to appropriate resources 
      • Assists in preparing materials for events 
      • Distributes mail and forms across campus  
      • Assists with department executing center activities/functions 
      • Reports issues or problems to the supervisor immediately 
      • Completes additional projects as assigned  
      • Collaborate across centers to share knowledge and resources among student and teams 
      • Creates marketing materials to promote center and activities 

    Application Process:

    1. Email your interest to