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Students can meet with a tutor for any of our supported courses during our the STEM SC's open hours unless otherwise listed. They can also find writing support for all courses at The Writing Center.

Courses with an asterisk (*) are not supported in STEM SC but have other forms of support such as Supplemental Instruction (SI) or NetTutor.

Supported Courses

PHYS 201
PHYS 202
PHYS 205
PHYS 206
PHYS 357*

PHYS 201 - Introduction to Physics I

PHYS 202 - Introduction to Physics II

PHYS 205 - Physics for Biological Sciences I

PHYS 206 - Physics for Biological Sciences II

PHYS 357 - The Science of Speech and Hearing

Supplemental Instruction (SI)
SI sessions are study and review for difficult courses. It involves group learn and practice that fits within the course's expected time requirement. Learn more about it's methods and effectiveness.  

  • SI Schedule

    Suchitra Chepin

    Section 901

    SI Leader: Nina Kokami
    Tuesday 12:15pm-1:45pm ELB 207
    Thursday 12:15pm-1:45pm ELB 207