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Portfolio Requirement for the SSMP Program in Mathematics

Students need to prepare a portfolio documenting their academic growth in mathematics. This portfolio is a required part of the process of being reviewed for successful completion of the SSMP Program in Mathematics. This review must be completed in order for your application to the credential program to be complete.

Portfolio Format

A. The portfolio may be gathered in a notebook, folder, accordion file, or other format allowing all materials to be kept together.
B. The portfolio work must consist of at least four samples of graded class work (from homework, exams, projects, etc.) including:    

  • Two pieces of work that together serve to document your mathematical growth. These samples should be drawn from two courses taken in different semesters, and they should both deal with related subject material.
  • An example of mathematical problem-solving.
  • A sample of proof-writing.
  • An example of computer-assisted mathematics (e.g., a computer program).

C. The chosen examples of work must be accompanied by a narrative explanation. The narrative must include:

  • An explanation of the mathematical context of each included assignment written in the style as a presentation to someone presumed only to have a mathematical knowledge at the level of Calculus.
  • Your reasons for choosing these particular assignments; in particular, what do you believe that they indicate about your mathematical skill?
  • An assessment of how these assignments helped you to grow as a mathematician, and any ways that you feel they could have been improved to aid in your growth.
  • A short essay linking the two items, with an explanation of how having already completed the earlier assignment helped you in doing the later assignment.

Portfolio Review Procedure

1.  If you are graduating in the fall, turn in your portfolio to the Mathematics SSMP Coordinator by November 15th. If you are graduating in the spring, the due date is 10 days before the start of spring break, on Friday.

2.  The SSMP Coordinator will either approve the portfolio or request revisions.

3.  The Mathematics SSMP Coordinator will complete an assessment form to report to the Department of Mathematics.  The Mathematics SSMP Coordinator will examine your portfolio to answer the following questions:

  • Has the student acquired a broad background in mathematics that will prepare him or her for teaching?
  • Has the student demonstrated intellectual growth and mastery of basic mathematical skills?
  • Does the student have the ability to clearly communicate mathematical ideas?

4.  The Mathematics SSMP Coordinator will also check your records to make certain that you have completed the required coursework. If your evaluation is judged to be "unsatisfactory" you will be provided with information explaining what you need to do to reach a satisfactory evaluation.