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Faculty and Staff

Tenure-Line Faculty                                     

Dr. Verónica Añover
Markstein Hall 224
Professor of French and Spanish
Contemporary French and Spanish Women Writers . Pedagogy . Creative Writing

Degrees: B.A. Université Catholique de Paris; M.A. Florida State University; Ph.D. Florida State University
Research: Contemporary French and Spanish Women Writers, Second Language Acquisition, and Creative Writing. Author of the first-year French textbook A vous!, her current research is centered on a second-year Spanish textbook project.

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Dr. Marion Geiger
Markstein Hall 257
Associate Professor of French and German
French, Francophone, and German literatures and cultures
.European Studies . Narrative and the Novel . Literature
and Medicine 

Degrees:  Licence ès Lettres, Université de Genève; Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University
Research:  The Poetics of illness in 19th-century French and German novels.  Recent publications on Emile Zola, Marie Ndiaye, Montaigne, and language pedagogy.  Her research interests extend to the visual arts, women narratives, and transnational narratives.  Currently serves as Review Editor for Literary History and Criticism of The French Review (AATF). 

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Dr. María Gómez Martín
Markstein Hall 235
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Spanish Language, Literature and Culture and Translation and Interpretation

Degrees:  B.A. and M.A. Universidad de Valladolid, M.A. West Virginia University; Ph.D. University of Maryland
Research:  Contemporary Spanish literature.  Exile and travel literature and its conmnections with anthropology, ethnography, memory and imagination.  Spanish travelers to America after the Civil War. 20th century Mexican/ Latin American Literature and Theater.  Trauma and violence.  Women literature and gender studies.
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Dr. Michael Hughes
Markstein Hall 244
Associate Professor of German and Spanish
Linguistics . Pedagogy

Degrees: B.A. Lewis and Clark College; M.A. UC Davis; Ph.D. UCSD
Research: Germanic and Hispanic linguistics, Mayan linguistics, language documentation and maintenance, linguistic morphology and syntax, and applied linguistics. Currently involved in a language documentation and maintenance program of Ixil, a Mayan language spoken in the northwest highlands of Guatemala, as well as in writing a second-year Spanish textbook.

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Dr. Francisco Martín
Markstein Hall 255
Study Abroad Director
Professor of Spanish
Middle Ages and Golden Age Literature

Degrees: B.A. Universidad de Valladolid; M.A. University of Connecticut; Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania
Research: Spanish Medieval and Golden Age literature. Additionally, he has done research on rhetorics, and medieval legal codices. Major publications include scholarly editions of Bartolomé Jiménez Patón's Elocuencia española en arte, and the Fuero de Briviesca. He has also published many articles, conference proceedings, reviews, and has given scholarly presentations at conferences worldwide. Currently writing a Spanish Theatre Dictionary.

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Dr. Cynthia Meléndrez
Markstein Hall 236
Spanish Minor Advisor
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Mexican and Mexican American Literature.  Latin American Literature.  Women Authors.  Border Studies.  Queer and Gender Studies.

Degrees:  B.A. San Diego State External Campus; M.A. San Diego State; Ph.D. University of New Mexico
Research: Writing the female sexuality, body empowerment, and its representations in contemporary Mexican and Mexican American literature and film.  Her current research examines the representations of sexuality, body and space within the Fronteriza-Chicana female literature of the 21st century.

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Dr. Michelle Ramos Pellicia
Markstein Hall 237

Teaching Associate Supervisor

Associate Professor of Spanish
Linguistics . Pedagogy . Bilingual Education

Degrees: B.A. Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras; M.A. The Ohio State University; Ph.D. The Ohio State University
Research: Language variation, languages and dialects in contact, language attitudes, language and ethnicity, language and gender, conversational analysis, and bilingual education.  She has recently published her book: Language Contact and Dialect Contact: Cross-Generational Phonological Variation in a Puerto Rican Community in the Midwest of the United States.

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Dr. Silvia Rolle-Rissetto
Markstein Hall 225

Graduate Coordinator and Advisor
Professor of Spanish
Contemporary Spanish Literature . Poetry . Literary Theory . Women Authors . Translation Studies . Creative Writing . Pedagogy

Degrees: B.As. CSU Long Beach; M.A. CSU Long Beach; CLCI Univeristà degli Studi di Siena; Ph.D. UC Riverside
Research: Writing the erotic, the mystical, and the political female body in Contemporary Hispanic literature. Her current research is centered around three different projects: the Spanish translation of Helen Brown's acclaimed novel, Cleo. The Cat Who Mended a Family, the creation of a second-year Spanish textbook, ¡En vivo!, and her own poetry collection.

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Dr. Darci Strother
Markstein Hall 254
Professor of Spanish
Theatre of the Golden Age . Pedagogy

Degrees: B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M.A. UC Irvine; Ph.D. UC Irvine
Research: Theatre of Spain during the 16th and 17th centuries. Apart from numerous publications in the area of theatre, she has published articles and presented conference papers on poetry and narrative, as well as on pedagogy. Dr. Strother is currently the Theatre Review Editor for the scholarly journal, Comedia Performance, as well as the Director for the Office of Community Service Learning.

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Emeritus Faculty

Stella Clark, Ph.D.