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Minor in German

The German Minor provides a focused development of German language skills and knowledge of the cultures and literatures of German speaking peoples. The Minor offers students a course of study that provides an important supplement or complement to their majors. It aims to provide more tools for understanding globalization while providing students with insights and understanding of the German and Germanic cultures.

The program is designed to develop a high level of communicative competence in all four language skills—listening, reading, speaking, and writing—through a focused collection advanced grammar and composition courses.

Students pursuing the German Minor will be introduced to the German-speaking world through important cultural, economic, political, and social issues presented via readings from the press, German TV, movies, and documentaries, and a variety of literary works from different genres. The German Minor gives students a comprehensive understanding of German-speaking cultures, literatures, and language, while developing enhanced awareness, understanding, and analysis of cultural and social phenomena rooted in a shared language.