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Minor in French

The French Minor provides a more intense development of skills and knowledge of the French language, and of French and Francophone cultures and literatures, giving the students an opportunity to follow a course of study that will be supplementary or complementary to their majors. The program seeks to contribute support to and articulate with other areas of study at the University. It aims to serve the needs of globalization while providing students with insights and understanding of the French and Francophone world at large.

The program is designed to develop advanced-high communicative proficiency in all four language skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Advanced grammar and composition courses will provide the level of proficiency mentioned above. The Business French course provides students with high language competency to negotiate meaning in a French business setting. At the same time, it offers students a better appreciation of the French business life and procedures.

Students choosing to pursue a French Minor will be introduced to the French and Francophone world and its cultural, economical, political and social issues of today through readings from the press, French TV news, movies and documentaries. The French minor gives students a comprehensive understanding of the French and francophone culture, literature, and language developing at the same time a sense of awareness, understanding and analysis.

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