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Programs Offered

  • Minor in Spanish
  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
  • Master of Arts in Spanish

History & Mission Statement

Our Program's primary objective is to provide the study of the language and culture of Spanish-speaking peoples to higher education students in North San Diego County and its vicinity. In keeping with the Mission Statement at CSUSM, which stresses the importance of multiculturalism and diversity in a changing society, the Spanish Major is designed to provide students with linguistic and analytic skills, as well as the history, and the appreciation of the literatures and culture of the Spanish-speaking world.

Our program's objectives are to prepare students for careers in a variety of fields such as teaching, international relations, public services, translation and interpretation, publishing and editing, and communications. The Program seeks to contribute support to and articulate with other areas of study at the University. It aspires to serve the immediate region and its needs, and to provide the students with insight and understanding of the Hispanic world at large.

The CSUSM Spanish faculty is committed to the cultural and linguistic connections between the United States and its Spanish-speaking neighbors. Because Spanish is an integral language in all areas of the United States, the Program promotes the concept that it is not a foreign language, but rather one to appreciate and cultivate alongside English.  The Program addresses the area's need for trained language specialists in a variety of fields, especially education and public services. It recognizes the specific characteristics of CSUSM, a University located in an area that has a large Spanish-speaking population.  The binational interaction that stems from the proximity to the Mexican border has driven us to develop a multidimensional, service-oriented major that incorporates practical and academic components. The University's commitment to interdisciplinary and multicultural issues guides the cultural and literary elements of the major.  All of these principles are prevalent in the curriculum and the multicultural composition of the faculty.

The B.A. in Spanish at California State University, San Marcos, was approved in AY 1992-1993 and implemented in AY 1993-1994, and the M.A. in Spanish was approved and implemented in AY 1999-2000. Both degree programs were developed within the guidelines of the CSUSM Mission Statement specifically to respond to the campus commitment to prepare students for the 21st century in a society that strives to achieve excellence through multiculturalism, interdisciplinary study, and uses of technology.