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Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Graduation Requirements
Course  Units
General Education 48
Preparation for the Major 0-12
Core Requirements 21
Track Requirements 15
General Electives 28-40
Total Required 124

Track One: General Major in Spanish

This represents a comprehensive language, literature, and culture track to provide the background for entrance into graduate programs in Spanish and for a single-subject teaching credential.

Track Two: Literature

This track places a strong emphasis on the history and analysis of the literatures of Spain, Latin America, and the Spanish-speaking United States, as well as on literary genre and theory. Designed for further study of literature in Spanish at the graduate level, or of literary theory or comparative literature.

Track Three: Language and Culture

This track's interdisciplinary emphasis is on cultural, political, and social elements of Spanish and Spanish-America, and U.S. Latino Life.

Track Four: Spanish for the Professions

This track stresses practical applications of the language based on fieldwork experience and apprenticeship. It is designed to integrate with professional majors.