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German Courses

New Courses and Catalog Descriptions

GRMN 331 Introduction to German Linguistics (3)
Introduction to the linguistic analysis and scientific study of the German language. Examines the historical development of German and the relationship of German to other Germanic languages, German phonetics and phonology, morphology and word formation, and syntax. Also addresses German sociolinguistics and dialectology, as well as varieties of German spoken in Eastern Europe and the Americas. Course conducted in German and English.
Prerequisite: GRMN 202 or equivalent.

GRMN 390 Topics in German Literature (3)
Selected topics in German Literature. Topics will vary according to the instructor and semester offered. Conducted in German. Students should check the Class Schedule for a listing of actual topics. May be repeated for a total of six (6) units of credit as topics change.
Prerequisite: GRMN 311 or 312 or equivalent.