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Georgina Pichardo

Tribute by Joseline Pichardo


My abue (grandma)

Her occupation, profession, or focus of their life’s work:

She took care of my disabled aunt for over 40 years

Her favorite hobby:

She loved to dance, go on walks, go shopping

Your favorite thing to do with your loved one:

I loved our conversations and sneaking at night to grab a snack. Dancing with her also brought me great memories.

Something she taught that sticks with you, or her best piece of advice:

To live life. She was one of the people who has taught me to be strong and keep pushing forward no matter what I would come across with.

How pandemic conditions affected her care or your ability to support her in her illness: 

My family and I didn't want to put her at risk, so we would visit her and stay at a safe distance. When she got COVID, that same night she had to be get a ventilator's support. We were not able to talk to her and get an actual response. It was really hard seeing her in that state..

If she were here today, what would you like to say to her?

I would call her a lot more often and tell her that I love her so much.