Your  Account:

Mark Reid

Tribute by Casey Semrow

mark with stanley cup

My Dad

Their occupation, profession, or focus of their life’s work:

Project Manager

Their favorite hobby:


Your favorite thing to do with your loved one:

Sushi Dates



Their greatest milestone or accomplishment:

Becoming a US citizen and creating a better life for his family.

Something they taught that sticks with you, or their best piece of advice:

“Keep your head up and your stick on the ice.”


Mark smiling

How pandemic conditions affected their care or your ability to support them in their illness: 

I was not allowed in the hospital room to say goodbye to father because of COVID-19.


mark smiling

If they were here today, what would you like to say to them?

I would like to thank him for always loving me and supporting me. I love you Dad, and I promise to make you proud.