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Jerry Breckon

Classes Taught At CSUSM

  • PSCI 390-01 - Presidential Policy and Immigration
  • PSCI 390-01 - U.S. Immigration Policy: A Public Policy Perspective
  • PSCI 100  - U.S. Government and Politics


  • 2018 M.S., Educational Technology, California State University, Fullerton, California
  • 1990 M.A., Public Administration-Public Policy, Troy State University, Alabama
  • 2004 B.A. Political Science Secondary Education, Boise State University, Idaho
  • 1986 B.A. Business and Management, University of Maryland, Maryland

Areas of Interest/Research

U.S. immigration history and policy, presidential powers and immigration, higher education policy in the 21st century


Jerry Breckon

SBSB 4132

Curriculum Vitae