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Strategic Plan


Achieving our Vision through Academic Excellence

A CSUSM education stimulates lifelong intellectual engagement, personal growth and social mobility through the efforts of dedicated teacher-scholars, innovative programs, community-engaged partnerships and inclusive excellence in a liberal arts framework.

1.1 Engage all students in their learning through inclusive, relevant and innovative teaching.

1.2 Design and deliver curricula to meet students where they are, ensuring timely access and clear pathways to successful careers.

1.3 Develop new academic programs that are responsive to the most pressing regional and global needs.

1.4 Equip all students with the tools and resources to meet learning outcomes that set them on a purposeful path of inquiry and achievement in the classroom and in their personal development, driving individual and collective social mobility.

1.5 Support and intellectually engage a community of teacher-scholars whose research, scholarship and creative activities impact and serve our region and world.

1.6 Expand research and grant activities that push the boundaries of knowledge, solve critical issues and strengthen communities.

1.7 Invest in hiring, retention and development of tenure-track faculty.

1.8 Support and invest in our dedicated staff, lecturers and tenure-track faculty who serve our diverse student body


As a campus community, we have completed the first phase of the strategic planning process. The next phase involves developing an implementation plan for each goal that will get posted here once completed. At this stage we have to bring our most innovative ideas and best practices to develop a set of action items that we can implement over the five to seven years to get us to our vision.

What's Next?

We encourage all members of the campus community to collaborate on action items so that we can leverage our synergies and existing expertise to create seamless educational experiences for our students. Check out our implementation plan and timeline to discover how you can contribute to the next phase of our strategic plan. You can also submit ideas through

View the Implementation Process

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