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Strategic Plan


Achieving our Vision through Student Success

We work together to create a proactive, seamless, student-ready learning environment that meets students where they are and prepares them to be the socially just leaders and change makers of tomorrow.

2.1 Support students equitably through a seamless student life-cycle experience, from first point of contact through graduation and beyond. 

2.2 Remove institutional barriers to student success and assure equitable opportunities and successful outcomes.

2.3 Leverage comprehensive data and predictive analytics models to align resources and programs that are tailored to support students where they are. 

2.4 Ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate in hands-on, engaged learning and high-impact, career-activating practices, including those based in and supportive of the community.

2.5 Connect with family ecosystems and support the intergenerational impact of higher education.

2.6 Create a coordinated and technologically integrated communication plan to meet students where they are.

2.7 Provide a comprehensive and proactive support system for students to meet their academic and lifelong goals.

2.8 Expand proactive, comprehensive and inclusive mental health support services and access to basic needs.


As a campus community, we have completed the first phase of the strategic planning process. The next phase involves developing an implementation plan for each goal that will get posted here once completed. At this stage we have to bring our most innovative ideas and best practices to develop a set of action items that we can implement over the five to seven years to get us to our vision.

What's Next?

We encourage all members of the campus community to collaborate on action items so that we can leverage our synergies and existing expertise to create seamless educational experiences for our students. Check out our implementation plan and timeline to discover how you can contribute to the next phase of our strategic plan. You can also submit ideas through

View the Implementation Process

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