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Strategic Plan


Achieving our Vision through Community Partnerships

As an anchor institution and Carnegie-classified community-engaged university, we engage in mutually beneficial partnerships to achieve our educational mission and serve our regional communities. We value and respect the deep knowledge, cultures and traditions contained in the diverse communities of our region. We embrace our role as a driver of regional economic development and an intellectual and cultural resource through partnerships that help improve quality of life, protect our environment, make our community stronger and support a sustainable future for generation to come.

5.1 Collaborate with community partners to innovate and address real-world challenges and create sustainable social change.

5.2 Collaborate with community partners to achieve inclusive growth and economic development.

5.3 Partner with climate crisis problem-solvers to mitigate climate change and promote climate justice.

5.4 Partner with community to provide relevant and engaged learning, research, service and civic engagement opportunities.

5.5 Develop a strong pipeline of philanthropic support for CSUSM among regional, state and national stakeholders.

5.6 Serve as a university of place and a destination for intellectual, athletic and cultural enrichment for our region.

5.7 Strengthen connections to the diverse and distinctive communities of our region to advance partnerships, access and success.


As a campus community, we have completed the first phase of the strategic planning process. The next phase involves developing an implementation plan for each goal that will get posted here once completed. At this stage we have to bring our most innovative ideas and best practices to develop a set of action items that we can implement over the five to seven years to get us to our vision.

What's Next?

We encourage all members of the campus community to collaborate on action items so that we can leverage our synergies and existing expertise to create seamless educational experiences for our students. Check out our implementation plan and timeline to discover how you can contribute to the next phase of our strategic plan. You can also submit ideas through

View the Implementation Process

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