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Strategic Plan


Achieving our Vision through our Culture of Care

We collectively create and sustain a culture of care and belonging that prioritizes student success as well as the intellectual, emotional, physical and social well-being of all members of our campus community.

4.1 Promote a caring, collaborative and respectful learning and working environment where all members of the campus community can thrive with access to holistic wellness resources.

4.2 Commit individually and collectively to transparent, respectful and empathetic communication and interaction with one another.

4.3 Promote innovative and thoughtful stewardship of our human, physical and financial resources through a lens of care, accountability, integrity and maintaining the public trust.

4.4 Welcome and onboard new hires, supporting their contributions to CSUSM and developing their potential for advancement and leadership. 


4.5 At every point in the student life cycle, ensure that communications, processes and policies are designed to support student success and enhance the student experience.

4.6 Create a humanized culture of service that focuses on the experience rather than on the transaction, process or policy.


As a campus community, we have completed the first phase of the strategic planning process. The next phase involves developing an implementation plan for each goal that will get posted here once completed. At this stage we have to bring our most innovative ideas and best practices to develop a set of action items that we can implement over the five to seven years to get us to our vision.

What's Next?

We encourage all members of the campus community to collaborate on action items so that we can leverage our synergies and existing expertise to create seamless educational experiences for our students. Check out our implementation plan and timeline to discover how you can contribute to the next phase of our strategic plan. You can also submit ideas through

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