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Why does my report look funny?

This may be due to a browser compatibility issues. If you are using Internet Explorer, the browser should be up-to-date, and you may need to run the report while using 'compatibility mode'. See the RaDAR User How-To Guide for instructions on how to turn on Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer.

Why Can't I see reports that my co-worker can?

There are two reasons you may not be able to access report that a coworker can:

  • 1) You may not be logged in. Some reports are made public, and do not require CSUSM login credentials. If you have a CSUSM username and password, you should login to the RaDAR website for the greatest access to reports.
  • 2) You may not have one of the required security roles to access that particular report. If you do not have access to data or a report, it will not display in the report repository, even once you are logged in.

What is the difference between a RaDAR Report and a query?

A RaDAR report is accessible from the RaDAR website, and has more powerful summarizing capabilities. RaDAR reports are used to provide institutional level summaries that apply more complex filters. Queries are accessible through PeopleSoft Query Viewer. Queries are much faster to develop, and often serve a small set of users, providing a large chunk of data. Exporting query results to an Excel Pivot Table allows users to easily group data to find relationships and draw several conclusions from a single data set. If you submit a new data request, the RaDAR team will assist in determining the best solution.

What is the difference between Live Data and non-live data?

'Live data' is usually data that is from 7pm the previous evening. 'Live data' gets refreshed nightly from PeopleSoft. Running the same report, with the same parameters, on two different days - could produce different results. 'Non-live data' includes ERSS or census data. These data sources are like a snapshot in time from a specific date; these data sources are a static data set. If you run the same report, with the same parameters, on two different days – it will produce the same results.

What is ERSS data?

ERSS data reflects enrolled student data at a census date. The university census takes place each semester, about 3 weeks into the semester. This data is used for official reporting purposes to the CSU System.

What does the lock icon mean next to a report name?

Some reports are 'visible' but require additional roles to be able to run them. The lock icon next a report indicates the report has additional security requirements. You may not have the appropriate security to run the report with your current access. If you login, you may be able to run the report.

How do I change Internet Explorer to Compatibility Mode?

How do I change Internet Explorer to Compatibility Mode?

Step by step instructions are included in the RaDAR User How-To Guide.