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Classrooms & Labs

CSUSM offers a wide variety of different classrooms for different purposes.  Most classrooms can generally ne scheduled, and the large majority of all computer labs and instructor stations are funded under the Classroom Technology Refresh Program
  • Lecture Classrooms - these rooms are generally designed for lecture-based instruction equipped with an instructor computer and HD projection system.
  • Distance Learning Classrooms - this type of room provides real-time voice and video communications with similar rooms at CSUSM, our satellite campus in Temecula, or other institutions worldwide.
  • Active Learning Classrooms - these rooms are set up to foster active learning, problem-based work, and team work. Students work at group stations with other students and share data across the room in real-time.
  • Computer Labs - equipped with a computer for each student, these rooms are for disciplines using computer work as a teaching activity. CSUSM has both Windows and Mac labs.
  • Studios - for teaching and learning around artistic subjects, studio spaces are available for creating.

Reporting Problems

Primary rapid response for classroom issues can be reached at x8651 or by emailing