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II. Definitions

For the purpose of this program, the following definitions apply.

  • Alternate Work
    • Temporary work that consists of duties for which the injured/ill employee was not hired, but is capable of performing and which meet the physician's instructions for work restrictions. Alternate work may also include assignment to a different work unit.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • The Americans with Disabilities Act gives civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities.
  • Administrative Services Manager (ASM)
    • Designated personnel who are responsible for the fiscal management and workers' compensation claims contact for a defined campus department, college or area.
  • Eligible Employee
    • A permanent or probationary full-time or part-time staff employee, or a temporary staff employee receiving benefits from California State University, San Marcos (CSUSM). Due to the nature of faculty and academic student employment, all faculty or academic student employee transitional employment needs are managed by the specific college department and in accordance with the university's academic policies and procedures.
  • Essential Job Functions (duties)
    • An employee's essential job functions are identified as those duties that are required to accomplish the purpose of the job for which the employee was hired. Essential job functions are identified in the position's job description.
  • Industrial Injury or Illness
    • An injury or illness that is claimed (Workers' Compensation) as arising out of or in the course of the eligible employee's employment, i.e., a work-related injury or illness.
  • Job Sharing
    • Two or more employees share the hours and responsibilities of one job position.
  • Management Personnel Plan Employee (MPP)
    • Administrative system-wide personnel classification.
  • Modified Work
    • Temporary changes to the employee's essential job duties that allow the injured/ill employee to perform that position. The changes may include, but are not limited to: changing the work station or tools; removing tasks the employee cannot presently perform; reducing the time spent on a specific job task(s).
  • Non-industrial Injury or Illness
    • An injury or illness that is not caused by the eligible employee's employment.
  • Part-Time Employment
    • A position is part-time if the typical work week is established as less than 40 hours as reflected by a time base less than 1.0 FTE.
  • Primary Treating Physician (PTP)
    • The employee's licensed (California) treating medical provider. For employees with industrial injuries or illnesses, the PTP directs the employee's work restrictions. For employees with non-industrial injuries or illnesses, the physician directing the work restrictions must be either the employee's primary treating physician of record, the physician of specialty treating the employee's specific injury or illness, or other medical practitioner approved under the employee's health plan.
  • Return-to-Work (RTW)
    • Phrase used in relation to an injured or ill employee who has reached substantial medical improvement to be able to return to the employee's position with either no workplace modifications or restrictions, or with permanent workplace modifications or restrictions that are not essential to the job function for which the employee was hired.
  • Risk Managment and Safety (RMS)
    • The university's Office of Risk Management and Safety is responsible for assisting the campus community in identifying and evaluating risks associated with campus activities and identifying the best risk management techniques to address issues of risk and liability.
  • Transitional Employment (TE)
    • A term indicating the temporary assignment of work duties of either "alternate work" or "modified work."
  • Transitional Employment Plan
    • Written document detailing the agreed upon modified or alternate duty assignment and its duration.
  • Work Unit
    • The college or department that has supervisory responsibility for the injured or ill employee.