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Program Implementation

IV. Program Implementation

To assist in facilitating an injured or ill employee’s return to work, and to provide guidance and assistance to the university colleges and departments, the university will:

  • Hold RTW Committee meetings on a quarterly basis, or as needed, and retain documentation of participants and outcomes.
  • Inform university managers, supervisors, administrators, and medical providers about the Disability Case Management Program, and provide updates regarding the program when necessary.
  • Maintain a RTW Committee consisting of:
    • Workers’ Compensation Coordinator
    • Equity and Diversity Manager/ADA
    • Director of Staff Human Resources
    • Risk Manager
    • Additional participants who will attend only those portions of the meetings that directly affect them include but are not limited to the:
      • Injured or ill employee
      • Injured or ill employee’s designated union representative, legal counsel and/or PTP when appropriate
      • Injured or ill employee’s supervisor, ASM or supervisor at an MPP level