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Assessment & Reports

Assessment and Evaluation

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The Office of Success Coaching believes that it is important to use data to inform and evaluate our practices so that we can continue to offer equitable services to our students. A variety of analytical tools and techniques will be used to measure success coaching workflow processes, policies, and procedures; including performance indicators, data dashboards, and predictive analytics.

Both an informative and summative program evaluation will take place every year. After which, an annual report will be generated that will provide an overall assessment of how the Office of Success Coaching assists with the advancement of the University’s goal of increasing retention and graduation rates.

Measured Outcome Indicators

As an equity-mined office, we will use both qualitative and quantitative information to assist us with program organization and decision-making practices. All our practices will be grounded in student engagement theory and research. Metrics will be focused on gathering data from five specific areas:

  • Efficiency in administration of the program
  • Quality of coaching/case management/effectiveness of collaboration with campus stakeholders
  • Student familiarity and engagement with the student life cycle
  • Diversity and inclusive excellence for underserved students
  • Multicultural proficiency of all students who receive coaching
  • Student success, retention and graduation rates

Continuous Program Improvement

The Academic Equity Scorecard, designed by USC Center for Urban Education, will be one possible tool employed to ensure that we establish equity in educational outcomes under four concurrent perspectives of institutional performance using an Equity Index:

  • Access – measure access to service and resources
  • Retention – measure retention and degrees awarded
  • Excellence – measure high achievement such as degrees awarded in competitive fields such as engineering or computer science
  • Institutional Receptivity – encompasses indicators of institutional support.


Reporting will take place after the first year of the program (2020/2021) and will include:

  • National Student Satisfaction Survey Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Student Testimonials