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About the Office of Success Coaching

success coaching team

Our Why

Our office is focused on providing equitable and personalized and holistic coaching to First Year students who are not in a specialized program. Success Coaching begins once students submit their intent to enroll at CSUSM and continues through the entire first year. Success Coaching enhances the likelihood that First-Year students will persist into their second year; which will increase the likelihood of student retention and successful graduate rates.  Moreover, through Success Coaching, students learn self-efficacy and critical thinking which increases resiliency and self-determination. Success Coaches are here to listen, guide, support, and cheer students on.  

How we do it

Our office works collaboratively with areas across the CSUSM campus to ensure that students have a smooth transition throughout their first year at CSUSM. Success Coaches provide support to students in the following ways: 

  • One on one meetings  
  • Success Coaching Workshops  
  • Community Building 
  • Enrollment Support (in collaboration with Academic Advising) 
  • Resource connection and referrals 

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