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About the Office of Success Coaching

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The Office of Success Coaching is an equity-minded office designed to assist in the institutional goals and objectives of reducing educational inequities and closing student support needs; while advancing overall student success. The Office of Success Coaching believes that engaging students at the beginning of the student life cycle is critical. This belief is important, especially because we understand that students succeed in higher education at varying rates. The Office of Success Coaching is an integral part of a larger unit dedicated to ensuring that all students are successful within Enrollment Management Services (EMS). Overall, success coaching connects recruitment, engagement, active learning and student success. We engage the students directly, build a relationship with them, and teach them how to be successful college students.

Our Purpose

The office is focused on providing equitable and personalized student support services to all newly admitted students for one year. Success coaching begins after students are admitted and have matriculated into college. Success coaching enhances the likelihood that first-year students will persist into their second year; which will increase the likelihood of student retention, successful graduate rates, and more students becoming much more career specific.  Moreover, success coaching helps students learn self-advocacy and critical thinking which increases resiliency and self-determination. Success coaches act as personal advisors (not academic advisors) and part cheerleaders. Success coaches are focused on supporting CSU San Marcos students in achieving their goals in a timely manner and we believe that every newly admitted college student can benefit from coaching.

Our Intent

The Office of Success Coaching works collaboratively with other student affairs departments, colleagues, and faculty to ensure that all new students have a smooth transition throughout their first year in college. From helping students adjust to college life, to offering strategies for college success, success coaching serves as the thread that is used to weave the fabric of college life together. We will use this thread to connect students to various resource at CSU San Marcos and we are available during that critical first year to help smooth out any bumps in the road; while cheering students on as they cross the finish line to their sophomore year. Then, we hand them off to all of you to champion on to graduation.

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