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Funding Options

Need help paying for your education? There is an array of private lenders that can help fund programs for Extended Learning (non-matriculated) students. Please note that CSUSM at Temecula does not sanction any one lender for financial aid.

Already a CSUSM student? If you're a student who is matriculated (formally accepted to the campus) and you need help paying for an Extended Learning degree program, contact the Cal State San Marcos Office of Financial Aid online or at (760) 750-4850 to learn more about your options.

Please note that the CalVet College Tuition Fee Waiver does not apply to Extended Learning degree programs, including RN-BSN and BS in Kinesiology.

Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

CSUSM Temecula Extended Learning is an approved provider for WIOA with the San Diego Workforce Partnership and the Riverside County Workforce Development Centers. For more information and a list of approved programs visit our WIOA webpage.

MyCAA — Free Career Training for Military Spouses

If you are a military spouse, you can use MyCAA to help pay for Extended Learning programs. Learn more at MyCAA.

Payment Options

Fees for noncredit classes are due at the time of registration. CSUSM at Temecula accepts MasterCard, VISA, Discover Card, American Express, checks, and company purchase orders. CSUSM alumni members receive a 15 percent savings on most noncredit programs. 

Please review our policy on declined credit cards and dishonored checks. Rejected e-checks are subject to a $4.50 fee.

You may also pay with check or money order, in person at Extended Learning (Monday through Friday only) or by mail (make check or money order made payable to Cal State San Marcos Extended Learning). Credit card payments are not accepted by mail.