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VA Students COVID-19 UPDATE (as of 3/19/2020): Students will continue to receive the same monthly housing allowance payments that they received for resident training until January 1, 2021, or until the school resumes normal operations of resident training. This covers Spring, Summer and Fall 2020. If you have questions, please email

Key Points

  • CSUSM Extended Learning can help you quickly accelerate your career with one of 30 certificate programs
  • All Extended Learning credit degrees & selected certificates are approved for veteran benefit funding. 
  • The CalVet College Tuition Fee Waiver cannot be applied to Extended Learning degrees, certificates, or courses.
  • All eligible active duty, veterans, dependents and reservists need to obtain authorization from the Department of Veterans Affairs prior to enrolling in classes.
  • Extended application deadlines for active duty and veterans.
  • Discounts are available! 

Contact Us

Please contact Veterans Services at or (760) 750-4827 to find out more about program offerings, using your benefits and/or financial aid, the application process and much more.

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