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How to Zoom

What is Zoom and where do I start? 

Zoom is a safe and secure app that allows you to engage in live Web conversations with your instructor using audio, video, and text-based chat features.

You will need one of the one of following devices to engage:

  • Phone: landline (to dial in and listen)
  • Smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet. (to use full capabilities)

Download Zoom . It’s free! 

If you prefer not to download the app, you can alternatively sign-up for an account and log-on to Zoom for each class session with a meeting I.D. number.



How do I join a class?

  • A link will be sent to you via email for each enrollment. You will use the same link for the courses with multiple sessions.
  • Please do not share the links with others. They are intended for registered members only and sharing could overwhelm the system.


  • If you click on the link early, you will be placed in a Waiting Room. Registered members will be granted access to class near the scheduled start time. Please allow a few minutes before or after as we check students in.
  • Chat feature will be off and unavailable during class time.
  • Audio will automatically be muted during lecture and unmuted during Q & A.
  • Some lectures may not run the full 2-hours as they were prepared to be presented in-class and not online. 

Sample E-mail Invite

 zoom email


Once you join the lecture, choose if you will use your webcam

After you click the link in the email to join the lecture, choose if you want to join with your webcam or without your webcam. 

Sample join with webcam: 

 zoom with video

Sample join without webcam: 

 zoom without video


Tips and Tricks 

Menu Bar Functions

 zoom menu bar



 Access views by selecting icon in upper right corner

access views

Full screen mode allows you to see the entire Zoom screen. To exit full screen, click upper left icon or Esc key on keyboard.


 active speaker

 Active speaker is the default layout in Zoom. Whoever is featured is in the largest window.


gallery view

Gallery view displays thumbnails of everyone in class.


Question and Answer

Once the lecture begins, it’s up to the speaker to determine when questions and answers will be addressed.

How do you ask a question?

Because you will not be able to physically raise your hand on screen, you will need to “Raise Your Hand” within the applicationdepending on your device, there are different ways to do this:

Click on the icon labeled "Participants" followed by the icon "Raise Hand" or "Raise Hand" on the far right. 


raise hand

Another way could be by clicking next to your "Name", "More" then "Raise Hand"


raise hand

Hopefully, you have just enough information to get started.  There are many other tutorials and resources available online.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.   We hope to see you in class, virtually, soon!

Additional Zoom Resources