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Prepare for the GRE exam with CSUSM’s preparation program. This program will prepare you for the entire GRE test and covers concepts, strategies and tips for each section, including math, verbal and essay.

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    This program is designed for:

    • Those preparing for the GRE exam
    • Those who have taken the GRE but are looking to increase their score
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    GRE Exam Prep

    Oct. 2 - Nov. 20, 2021

    Saturdays 10 a.m.-1 p.m.



    GRE Prep Registration

    Fee includes:

    • Fee includes digital resources and textbooks (all required textbooks will be mailed to you)
    • No refunds after the second class meeting


    Please note: All rates are subject to change without notice.


    CSUSM’s GRE preparation program will help you prepare for the entirety of the GRE test and will cover concepts, strategies and tips for the quantitative, verbal and analytical writing sections of the test. Discover tools to help you quickly break down complex math and verbal problems into problems that are singular and easier to solve.

    The class includes all materials, weekly office hours with the instructor to get help and weekly personalized adjustments to your study plan to help keep you accountable and productive when you’re not in class. We’ll support you through the GRE prep process as much as we can!

    Though the class is online, it will be an interactive class. Breakout rooms, digital whiteboard function, chat and response tools will be used to increase class discussion. It will be expected that you are willing to ask questions, discuss practice problems and attempt to follow a study plan outside of the class to the best of your ability. 

    Takeaways: In general, what will you learn how to do? 

    • Deal with tricky critical reasoning
    • Employ a template and plan or writing great essay responses
    • Develop reliable techniques and strategies for the various types of questions in all sections
    • Squeeze the most value out of practice questions through analysis
    • Effectively study outside of class (drills for both accuracy and speed)
    • Best utilize the resources you have available to study
    • Decipher the GRE’s overall patterns, logic and rules
    • Analyze your practice tests and make better test-taking decisions and revisions to your study plans 

    Everything we do is designed to maximize your test-day performance and your score! 


    Kaitlin Douglass

    Kaitlin Douglass has a deep knowledge of the logic and rules of the GRE exam and will help ensure that you are as prepared as possible on test day. She has instructed test preparation for over six years and, outside of test prep, she is a certified secondary chemistry teacher in the state of California. She utilizes her background in teaching to help create classroom activities and study plans that will best support you. 

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Exam preparation

This program helps you prepare for the GRE exam, offering tips and strategies to ensure you do your best on test day

Develop techniques

The instructor will help you develop proper techniques and strategies for verbal and math questions and can help you write more compelling essays

Break down complex questions

You will be able to break down complex GRE math concepts, deal with tricky critical reasoning questions and prove answers for vocab and reading passages

Study more effectively

Get more out of your practice exams, learn to study more effectively and learn how to decipher the GRE’s patterns, logic and rules


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