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Spring 2023 Class Schedule

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Full Term

Full Term Class Schedule
CRN Subject/Catalog Title Instructor Location Meeting Pattern
23684 BIOL 104 Principles of Biology: Human Emphasis Sarah Walker Online Asynchronous
22611 BIOL 160 Microbiology for Health Sciences Denise Baker Online Asynchronous
22613 BIOL 175 Anatomy and Physiology I Givon Sanati Online Asynchronous
22615 BIOL 176 Anatomy and Physiology II Givon Sanati/Ayad Yasin Online Asynchronous
22623 BIOL 211/L Intro to Org/Pop Bio Nancy A. & Diana M. Hybrid Lab : Wed., 5:30-8:20pm
22631 BIOL 328 Human Heredity Chandrasen Soans Online Asynchronous
23833 CHEM 101 Preparatory Chemistry Karno Ng Online Asynchronous
22626 CHEM 160 General Chemistry II Afra Panahi In Person Tue & Thur, 5:30-6:45pm
22627 CHEM 175 General Chemistry II Lab Selakilli Thiyagarajah In Person Fridays, 5:30-8:15pm
23899 CHEM 201 Organic Chemistry Reinaldo Compagnone In Person Mon & Wed, 5:30-6:45pm
23900 CHEM 201L Organic Chemistry Lab Wei Hao Huang In Person Thursdays, 5:30-10:15pm
23872 EDUC 350 Foundations of Teaching as a Profession Anne Schwartz Online Asynchronous
23873 EDUC 364 The Role of Cultural Diversity in Schooling Grace McField Online Thursdays, 5:30-8:20pm
22633 MATH 242 Into to Statistics Alicia Pena In Person Tue & Thur, 7:00-8:20pm