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Financial Resources

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California State University, San Marcos is excited to welcome future CSUSM Aspiring Scholars! Enrollment in our 4-year program will provide numerous opportunities to be part of student life on campus. CSUSM Aspiring Scholars will enroll in 2 courses per semester. In year-two, Aspiring Scholars will enroll in 2 academic courses per semester, in addition to enrolling in an internship (4-6 semesters). There are multiple financial resources which can be used to assist in paying tuition, books, and student life. View program costs.

Department of Rehabilitation 

Contact the Department of Rehabilitation if you are eligible and they may be able to assist you with college textbooks, equipment, job training, and much more!

Regional Center 

You may contact your local Regional Center to determine if you qualify for financial and/or personal support. Below are Regional Centers located by the university.

Scholarship Opportunities 

For ALL students with disabilities: 

  • INCIGHT Scholarship is awarded to students with disabilities, living in California, pursuing higher education who are enrolled in a community college, university, vocational school or graduate program.
  • Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school senior with a learning disability and/or ADHD who will enroll in a two-year community college, a vocational or technical training program, or a specialized program

For students with Down Syndrome:

For students with Autism:  

  • Autism Can Do Scholarship is awarded to students on the autism spectrum to advance their education.
  • Make a Difference Autism Scholarship is awarded to upcoming or current college students attending a post-secondary program.
  • Organization for Autism Research is a scholarship for persons with an autism diagnosis who are attending 2-year colleges; life skills or postsecondary programs; or vocational, technical, or trade schools.
  • Synchrony Scholarship for Autistic Students of Color is awarded to applicants with an autism diagnosis, who belong to an underrepresented racial or ethnic minority group and are attending four-year colleges, two-year colleges, life skills or postsecondary programs, or vocational/technical trade schools.