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Welcome Back to CSUSM!

Whether you put your education on hold to explore other pursuits, further your career—or simply recharge—we're here to help you reignite your academic pursuits and finish what you started.

Continue Your Journey

The Cougar Comeback Campaign is focused on assisting former California State University San Marcos undergraduate students in getting their educational goals back on track by completing their degree at CSUSM.

For whatever reason you had to pause your college education; our team would love to help you resume and complete your degree! We are prepared to guide you through every step of the journey, from admissions and advising to registration. Begin your journey towards graduation from CSUSM today!


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Are You a Returning Student?

You’re a returning student if you

  • Applied and were admitted to a degree or certificate program at CSUSM, and 
  • Enrolled and earned grades in courses, and 
  • Have not yet earned a degree or certificate from CSUSM, and 
  • Have not enrolled/attended courses at CSUSM in the past two semesters 

You’re NOT a returning student if you

  • Dropped all your classes during the posted add/drop period of your first semester after being admitted, or 
  • Attended CSUSM only through Open University, or 
  • Already completed a degree at CSUSM. 


Why Choose to Return as a Student at CSUSM?

At CSUSM, we understand that life takes unexpected turns, and your path to success might not be a straight line. That's why we've designed the Cougar Comeback Campaign to provide you with the resources and flexibility you need to transition back into your studies. Here's why CSUSM is the perfect place for you to continue your education: 

Personalized Pathways

Our academic advisors will work closely with you to customize a unique pathway that aligns with your goals and previous coursework.

Flexible Learning

Balance education and commitments with online, hybrid and in-person classes through CSUSM.

Career Readiness

Boost your career prospects with our relevant programs and partnerships that will equip you with the skills, knowledge and credentials employers are seeking.

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Highlights of the Returning Students Campaign
  • Personalized Advising: Our returning-student advisors will guide you through the re-enrollment process, helping you select the right classes and create a customized academic plan to put you on the path to completing your degree. 
  • Financial Assistance: We want to help make your return to CSUSM as affordable as possible. Explore our range of financial aid options, scholarships and grants. 
  • Flexible Scheduling: Juggling work, family and studies? Our flexible class schedules and varied delivery modules make it easier to find the balance that works for your life. 
  • Plentiful Workshops: Attend workshops on time management, study skills and career development to help you excel in your studies and work life. 


Open University

If you’re not quite ready to resume a degree program, why not consider Open University? You can take most CSUSM courses without applying and being admitted. Open University classes are a great way to familiarize yourself with the classroom experience again before formally re-enrolling at CSUSM. Registration is straightforward, and you can apply credits earned through Open University to bachelor’s and master’s programs. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered a returning student at CSUSM?

A returning student is someone who previously attended CSUSM at the undergraduate level and did not complete their degree; they are looking to re-enroll after a period of absence, whether for personal, professional or academic reasons.

How do I start the re-enrollment process?

To get started, simply complete the return to CSUSM form on our website. If you have any questions or need assistance, our Enrollment Specialists are here to help guide you through the process.

Will my previous coursework still count?

Yes, your previous coursework will be evaluated, and our academic advisors will work with you to determine which credits can be applied towards your new degree program. Our goal is to make your transition back to CSUSM as painless and straightforward as possible.

Can I transfer credits earned at another institution?

Yes, you may be able to transfer credits earned at another institution. Our Admissions team will review your transcripts and determine the eligibility of your credits for transfer.

Can I attend classes online?

CSUSM offers a variety of learning models, including in-person, on-campus instruction, as well as online and hybrid classes. This flexibility allows you to select the learning model that suits you and tailor your class schedule to fit your commitments while still pursuing your education.

Are there financial aid options available for returning students?

Yes, returning students may be eligible for financial aid, scholarships and grants. Our Financial Aid office can provide guidance on the available options and help you explore funding opportunities.


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Ready to Rejoin the Cal State San Marcos Family?

It’s time to begin your academic journey once again, and CSUSM is here to support you at every turn. Reconnect with your academic ambitions, your personal goals and your future.  

Reignite Your Passion for Learning at CSUSM!



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