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Tuition, Fees and Payments

Summer 2024 Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition and Fees - CSUSM Stateside Students
    View summer term tuition and fees for current CSUSM stateside students (excluding CSUSM Extended Learning students).
  • Tuition and Fees - CSUSM Extended Learning Students and Non-CSUSM Students

    Non-CSUSM students as well as CSUSM Extended Learning degree seeking and certificate students enrolling in stateside summer classes will pay the following tuition and registration fees.

    Tuition and Registration Fees
    Tuition Open University, EL Degree Seeking and Certificate Students
    Tuition Per Unit $350.00

    Please Note: Extended Learning degree seeking and certificate students enrolling in their Extended Learning program classes will be assessed the tuition assigned to that program. For more information, visit Extended Learning Programs.

    Mandatory University Fees

    Mandatory University Fees for Open University and EL Online Degree Students
     Fee Fee Amount
    Academic Records Fee $12.00
    EL Technology Fee $48.00
    Total $60.00
    Mandatory University Fees for EL Degree Students and Certificate Students
     Fee Fee Amount
    Academic Records Fee $12.00
    EL Technology Fee $48.00
    Student Union Fee $75.00
    Total $135.00
  • Contract Credit
    Contract credit includes Study Abroad credit, BTSA credit and other similar courses/credit. There are no refunds for contract credit classes.


  • Summer classes reserved prior or on May 14, 2024, your payment is DUE prior to 4:30pm on May 15, 2024.
  • Summer classes on or after May 15, 2024 the payment is DUE WITHIN THREE (3) BUSINESS DAYS after enrollment.

All payments should be made via MyCSUSM or in person at Cougar Central. If you believe that you are eligible for financial aid, please consult the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. 

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available this Summer for eligible students. An eligible student must have a minimum of $1,000.00 in tuition and student fees, and must pay the $25.00 Payment Plan Fee. Please review the steps below to opt-in for a payment plan. 

  • Payment Plan Key Dates
    Last Date to Enroll May 14th
    Payment Due Date Due Amount
    First Installment May 15th

    - $25.00 Payment Plan Fee
    - Mandatory Campus  Fees
    - 1/3 of Tuition/Class Charges

    Second Installment June 15th - 1/3 of Tuition/Class Charges
    Third Installment  July 15th  - 1/3 of Tuition/Class Charges
    Last Date To Enroll June 14th
    Payment Due Date Due Amount
    First Installment June 15th

    - Payment Plan Fee
    - Mandatory Campus Fees
    - 1/2 of Tuition/ Class Charges

    Second Installment July 15th

    - 1/2 of Tuition/Class Charges

  • How to Opt-In For Payment Plan

    1. From your Student Center, click the drop-down and select “Enroll in Payment Plan”, and click the arrow.

    screenshot enroll in payment plan dropdown menu

    2. Review the terms and conditions.  Check the button which indicates you agree to the terms and conditions.  Click the yellow “Next” button.

    screenshot - radio button to left of terms and conditions and next submit button

    3. Review the installment schedule and instructions.  If you agree to the schedule and instructions, click the yellow “Next” button.

    screenshot - table view of installments with next submit button

    4. Acknowledge your acceptance of enrollment in the installment payment plan by checking the box, and clicking the yellow “Enroll” button.

    screenshot checkbox agreeing to payment plan and enroll submit button/sfs/payments/payment-plans/images/4a_installment_schedule.png

    5. Confirmation page confirms your enrollment in the installment payment plan.

    screenshot - confirmation of payment plan registration