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Current CSUSM Students

CSUSM students can now register via MyCSUSM. You may enroll in up to 13 units and can waitlist up to 10 units.  

Enrollment Process for Current CSUSM Students

  1. Check your email: You’ll receive details on your enrollment date and time from the registrar (you may also review your enrollment appointment/date in your Student Center)
    • Please see the Enrollment Date Request section below if you do not have an enrollment appointment.
  2. Course Selection: Review the Summer 2024 course schedule
  3. Registration: At your scheduled date and time, register via MyCSUSM 

Enrollment Date Requests

First Year Students

If you are a first-year student who started Fall 2023 and do not have a Summer enrollment date, please contact one of the following: 

  1. Instructor for UNIV 100A class; OR
  2. Success coach; OR
  3. Specialized program contact

If approved for a summer enrollment date, you may reach out to Office of Academic Advising for questions related to selection of summer courses.

All Other Students

If you would like to enroll in summer classes and do not have an enrollment date, you must request one. To request an enrollment date, email  In your email, please include your first name, last name, Student ID, and the reason for your request.  

If approved for a summer enrollment date, you may reach out to Office of Academic Advising for questions related to selection of summer courses. 

Non-CSUSM Students

Summer enrollment for non-CSUSM students opens on April 15. Non-CSUSM students include students at other universities, students who previously took classes at CSUSM but are not currently enrolled, qualified high school seniors and community members. Up to 24 units taken as a non-matriculated student may be counted toward a CSUSM degree. 

Enrollment Process for Non-CSUSM Students

  1. Quick Admit Form: Complete the Online Enrollment (Quick Admit) Form 
    Once you complete this form, you will be emailed your student ID and will receive instructions on how to access the student portal, MyCSUSM 
  2. Explore Courses: Review available courses via the Summer 2024 Schedule
  3. Enroll: On April 15, you may begin enrolling via MyCSUSM
    iew step-by-step enrollment instructions


CSUSM Extended Learning and Non-CSUSM Students

Summer advising is available for CSUSM Extended Learning and non-CSUSM students. To schedule an appointment with an advisor, please contact Extended Learning at 760-750-4020 or schedule your appointment using our online form.  

CSUSM Students (Excluding CSUSM Extended Learning Students)

Your Degree Planner is an interactive online tool you will use for course planning throughout your time at CSUSM and is a great resource as you think about which courses to take over the Summer term. Should you need additional guidance or support, please connect with the Office of Academic Advising. Virtual and peer advising opportunities are readily available.