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Dean's Award

This annual recognition is for a senior undergraduate business student who has demonstrated outstanding academic and service accomplishments during their time at Cal State San Marcos.

Award Criteria:

  • Completion of Bachelor's Degree in the current academic year
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • Outstanding academic and service accomplishments

The college dean works in conjunction with the faculty to select the business student who receives this honor. The student selected is then considered for the President's Outstanding Graduate Award, the highest award bestowed on a student graduating from the university.

CoBA Dean's Award Recipients

2016: Laureta Koxha
2015: Panos Kotselas
2014: Mariana Loskutova
2013: Kimberly Hernandez
2012: Charles Hughes
2011: Damien Bertolo
2010: Bradlee Baldwin
2009: David Wyatt
2008: Tanya Rogers
2007: Frederic Samade
2006: Asia Nur
2005: Gary Taylor
2004: Szilvia Andorka
2003: Philoan Chau
2002: Nathan Gaudioso
2001: Addis Z. Kassegn
2000: Kimberly A. Whidden
1999: Wayne Fields

To be considered for the Dean's Award, you must have been selected as the Outstanding Student from your option within the college.