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Professional Mentor Program

The CoBA Professional Mentor Program, coordinated by the CoBA Advisory Board, gives students a unique opportunity to learn directly from business professionals in a one-on-one relationship. Stone Brewery supports this program by hosting the Kick Off and Wrap Up events.

Please follow the links below for more information:

Undergraduate Students

Specialized MBA Students

Fully Employed MBA Students

Professionals Interested in Mentoring

"The Mentor Program is one of the best programs offered at CSUSM! My mentor supplied me with resources and coaching to help me get a job. I think every student should take advantage of this fantastic program!"  ~Stirling Hamilton, Student Mentee, Spring 2014

"The Mentor Program gives students an amazing opportunity to develop professional relationships with some of San Diego's most prominent business figures. The potential that stems from this program is invaluable for any student considering a future in business."  ~Brady Boyer, Student Mentee, Spring 2014

"I would recommend every student to participate in the CSUSM Business Mentor Program. My mentor was driven and extremely passionate about the program which in turn motivated me. This experience can be the life changing opportunity."  ~Melissa Estrada, Student Mentee, Spring 2014

"I needed a mentor to give me some guidance with my career which is why I joined the program. My mentor provided me with guidance that can be applied not only to my professional career but also to my personal life."  ~Fernando Hernandez Miranda, Student Mentee, Spring 2014