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Past Consulting Projects

Advanced Financial Company
The goal of this project was to identify and evaluate business opportunities for Advanced Financial Company in the Student Loan Services and Delinquency Collection segments. After conducting research, the results indicate that federal student loan collection business is attractive to Advanced Financial Company.
Brickman Group Ltd.
Brickman Group Ltd., a commercial landscaping firm,  asked the team to produce a clear and concise on-boarding manual for salaried and benefited new-hire employees to follow during their first 180 days of employment. The purpose of creating the manual was to alleviate the hiring managers from creating their own custom programs that tend to lack consistency and can be difficult to track. The on-boarding manual enables managers to review real-time status updates on the on-boarding employees.
California Coast Credit Union
The goal of this project was to increase California Coast Credit Union's "Generation Y" member base. The team performed competitive benchmarking of competitive programs, determined customer motivation to switch/join through surveys, and developed tactics to reach this demographic.
Datron World Communications - ERP
The team compiled a sample list from Datron’s total test equipment assets and distributed surveys for input. Recommendations were provided for developing a test equipment reservation system. This will keep asset management transparent among staff and reduce asset costs at Datron.
Flippin' Pizza
The team designed and developed a leadership training manual for Flippin’ Pizza. The purpose of the project was to incorporate leadership skills that are valued by Flippin’ Pizza to enhance their employees' skills and develop better leaders.
KBM Facility Solutions
KBM has experienced recent unexpected growth and commissioned a team to do an analysis and reassess costs. The team analyzed KBM's expenses for selling, general and administrative, and direct business units. The goal was to maximize cost savings and identify synergies for the company.
National Pen Company
As National Pen’s major competitors have become more aggressive and successful in the online space, management sees an opportunity to enhance their social media presence.  With the support of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts the team has developed a plan to drive qualified traffic to through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to engage and attract prospective customers.
Senior Community Centers
Senior Community Centers is the leading provider of services to culturally diverse, low-income, at-risk seniors in downtown San Diego. In order to increase awareness among the younger demographic, Senior Community Centers asked the team to produce videos for online use, as well as an evaluation of their current social media strategy.
Sustainability & Utility Services
The Net Zero Energy Building Analysis examined the costs and benefits associated with the construction and operation of a net zero energy building at CSUSM.  The building would incorporate Passive House Design, solar panels, and other sustainable features to reach its goal of annual energy savings of 100%.  The first of its kind in the CSU, it would act as a demonstration building to showcase that sustainable living and working environments are inviting, unique, and economically feasible.
Team members conducted market research on Target's guest services and the benefits that they offer to their shoppers. The group identified meaningful, relevant solutions to increase Target REDcard applications.