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College Academic Master Plan

From the beginning of the College of Arts & Sciences—now The College of Humanities, Arts, and Behavioral Social Sciences—and the faculty vision of the College has been captured annually in the College Academic Master Plan, also known as CAMP. Prior to the establishment of the College Governance Committees, the associate dean used historical data to project growth in the College for full-time equivalent students (FTES), full-time equivalent faculty (FTEF) and majors. With the creation of college shared governance committees, oversight for the CAMP was originally assigned to the Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee (CAPC). Since 2003/04, the Hiring and Academic Planning Committee (HAPC) has held the responsibility for annual revision of the CAMP.

A CAMP survey document is distributed in the fall of each academic year and responses to that survey provide faculty elected to HAPC with input for the CAMP. HAPC drafts the survey, reviews the responses, and makes decisions about the strategic growth of degree programs; minors, majors, and graduate programs. HAPC also provides the Dean's Office with recommendations for staff and faculty hiring based on CAMP growth projections. The CAMP is revised each year.

The CAMP itself provides further information on each of the steps that HAPC follows to obtain the necessary numbers for growth projections, the formulas for these projections, and summary statements about each program included on the CAMP chart.

NOTE: Start up years for degrees may change with any CAMP revision. As a living document that presents the faculty vision of the future of the college, the CAMP serves as a planning tool and reference point for resource allocations.

Members of HAPC are elected and serve staggered two-year terms. The rotation of these terms ensures that at least two members preserve the continuity of the committee's vision.

Changes and/or omission of text to this document is prohibited and unlawful. Alterations are limited to CHABSS Dean's Office authorized personnel only.